The Pelican Brief

Based on novel with same name by John Grisham

1993, directed by Alan J. Pakula and stars by Julia Roberts (Charlie Wilson’s War), Denzel Washington (American Gangster), Hume Cronyn (Cleopatra), Jake Weber (Dangerous Beauty).




A law student at Tulane University Darby Shaw (Julia Roberts), makes an investigation about murder of two judges Rosenberg (Hume Cronyn) and Jensen (Ralph Cosham), who worked in the US Supreme Court murderers soon learn from this research and not seem to like anything, they begin to pursue Darby Shaw (Julia Roberts) and killing her boyfriend and Thomas Callahan (Sam Shepard) A college professor.

Gray Grantham (Denzel Washington), a journalist who is investigating the murder of one “Garcia” (Jake Weber), is involved in other research and soon Darby contacted with Gray, and working together will try to address them to the murderers.

Involving the CIA, FBI, White House and law firms.





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